Confident Girls founder Tembalethu Tele a former South African Police Service Officer for 11 years, now a self-employed businessman and a father of 2 children wanted girls to gain their Confidence and Dignity back by donating free sanitary pads in schools.

In September 2016 that’s when he learned how difficult it was for the girls in schools during menstruation cycle, they miss school, not participate in school activities or sports due to lack or not affording to buy sanitary pads. He remembered how difficult it was for his daughter to express herself or talk about menstruation. He bought her first sanitary pads and gave it to her in a natural “no big deal” way and she developed the confidence and trust in him.

He then realised, if his daughter found it so difficult to talk to her parents who are concerned and actively involved in her life, how many more girls who are orphans, foster kids or grandchildren finding it difficult to speak to their guardians about menstruation? He then started knocking at every business door and his community for sponsors and donations. Warm hearts opened up - Donations came from all corners of life and Confident Girls came into existence and was registered in 2017/01/26 with a registered number: 184-106. It’s pillar is a quote from a scripture, Psalm 144:12 "OUR DAUGHTERS WILL BE LIKE PILLARS CARVED TO BEAUTIFY A PALACE".



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We would like to thank each and every founding partner for their generosity, passion and commitment to making everything possible.